Wesołych Świąt / Merry Christmas

25 December 2013

Życzę wam wspaniałych Świąt Bożego Narodzenia i wszystkiego najlepszego w nadchodzącym nowym roku.

And again this special time of the year has come. I wish you happy Christmas and all the best in the upcoming new year.

TypeShorts 2013

2 August 2013


Dobre wieści dla uczestników sympozjum TypeTalks. Towarzyszący tegorocznej edycji imprezy wieczór krótkich prezentacji typograficznych TypeShorts zyskał wsparcie Funduszu Wyszehradzkiego. W tym roku będzie więc jak należy: program, poczęstunek i klimatyzowana sala :) Cały projekt ma też własną stronę: typeshorts.org oraz profil na facebook


Good news for TypeTalks participants. The evening of short type-presentations TypeShorts accompanying this year’s symposium received support of the International Visegrad Fund. Therefore this year will be more profi: program, refreshments and an air-conditioned room :) The whole project has it’s own website now: typeshorts.org and facebook profile.

TypeTalks 2013

2 May 2013


Wbrew zdrowemu rozsądkowi, ilości (a raczej niedoborowi) wolnego czasu oraz zapowiedziom horoskopu, postanowiliśmy dotrzymać danego słowa i po raz kolejny podjąć się organizacji naszego niskobudżetowego, wysokojakościowego mini-sympozjum TypeTalks. Wraz z tegoroczną, trzecią już edycją, wraca ono do swego “rodzinnego” miasta, Brna. Spodziewajcie się kameralnego wydarzenia ze wspaniałą atmosferą, wielu sympatycznych ludzi oraz świetnych prelegentów.

W planie jest między innymi seria klasycznych wykładów TypeTalks, wieczór superkrótkich, ultrademokratycznych prezentacji TypeShorts oraz trzydniowe warsztaty projektowania informacji. Całe wydarzenie ma charakter międzynarodowy, dlatego większość wykładów zostanie wygłoszona w języku angielskim. Pełen program zostanie opublikowany na początku czerwca, ale podstawowe informacje dostępne są już na stronie typetalks.org


Against the common sense, the quantity (or rather deficiency) of free time and the announcements of the horoscope, we decided to keep our word and once again take on the organization of our low-cost, high-class, mini-symposium TypeTalks. In its third edition, the symposium is coming back to its hometown, Brno. Expect great atmosphere, a small event with friendly colleagues, and great speakers who have something to say.

A day full of proper lectures will be preceded by an ultrademocratic evening of extrashort presentations (aka TypeShorts™) and an infodesign workshop. The conference is international in its scope and a great majority of the speakers will present in English.The full program will be published in early June, but the basic information is already available on the typetalks.org website.

Nassim Poster

3 October 2012

For last few days I was working with David Březina and Titus Nemeth on the promotional poster for Nassim typeface. The result you can see above. Posters are already printed and available for sale at Rosetta Type Foundry website.

The full project is published on Behance

Interview at Klosinski.net

26 September 2012

Since yesterday you can find a short interview about Signika at Klosinski.net. It answers mainly the questions about how the typeface was developed, where the idea came from, how the design process looked like and what the plans for the future are. I am really grateful to Jacek for preparing the article. He is also using Signika on the blog (titles). Thanks! The interview is in Polish.

Festival SELF – Bratislava

29 August 2012

If you happen to be around Bratislava by the end of the next week, make sure you won’t miss “SELF”, a very cool Slovak festival of self-initiated projects. See more information on their web: http://www.self-x.sk/

Important note: the lectures and most of the other discussions will be in Slovak and Czech only.

Polovanie / Hunting for love

24 July 2012

Few days ago my friend Zuzanna Dąbrowska showed me “Polovanie”, a lovely animation which she did as her Bachelor’s project at University of Arts in Poznań. I was nicely surprised to see Signika as one of the typefaces used in the movie.

You can find the movie on vimeo among few other lovely movies from Zuzanna.

TypeShorts Brno 2012

24 May 2012

This year we decided not to organize TypeTalks. It was not an easy decision, but simply we did not have enough time to set up such a big event. As a small compensation for this lack, an evening of short presentations – TypeShorts – will take place in Brno on June 21. Due to a small space of the venue Bistro Špargl the amount of seats is limited. The current list of speakers and more information can be found on the official TypeShorts website and facebook.

On the next day the Bienial exhibitions open, and the Graphic Design Conference starts, so there is even more reason to come to Brno. Find more information about the Bienial on their website. Hope to see you there!

Ho ho ho, Marry Easter!

8 April 2012

I do not want to complain but last Christmas was not really a true white holiday, but hey, this Easter is! Therefore I want to wish you all a colorful snowmen, tasty food and happy celebrating in a pleasant atmosphere among your friends and family. And do not forget to keep your eggs warm!

Most eggs like to be at room temperature. “A quick way to warm eggs to room temperature is to place them in warm water for 10–15 minutes, or else leave them out for 30–60 minutes.” Read more about eggs.

Signika on Font Squirrel

28 January 2012

Since 19th January Signika is available for download also from the Font Squirrel, one of the biggest directories of free fonts for commercial use. Unfortunately, it is just the basic latin character set.

Link: Signika on FontSquirrel

Abrilliant Christmas!

22 December 2011

When I saw the lovely typeface Abril by TypeTogether, I just could not stop myself from using it in this year’s Christmas poster. Feel free to download it together with my best wishes.

And I wish you a wonderful and snowy holidays spent in a relaxed atmosphere together with your families or friends. May the coming New Year be inspiring and exciting!