TypeTogether workshop in Cieszyn

17 December 2009

On 11–13 February I had the opportunity to visit Silesian Castle of Art and Enterprise in Cieszyn and have a brief look at the typography workshop “Tailored typeface design” lead by Veronika Burian and José Scaglione Type Together. Whole workshop lasted from 8th until 12th February, the theme: creating corporate typefaces. In the beginning of the workshop many of the participants had a very little knowledge about typeface design. In just five days they have made great strides, gaining considerable theoretical knowledge and widening their practical skills. I remain impressed with what they managed to accomplish in such a short time. Both designers patiently lead the participants through the design process, drawing their attention to various important issues by means of constructive comments and factual analysis of design problems.

Summary of the workshop was an exhibition of projects made during the workshop and Type Together exhibition entitled “Designing typefaces- from concept to reader”. The exhibition was conceived as an educational project, case studies bearing numerous comments and guidance to designers. It described the development process of several of their type families; from the very first concept sketches up to their use in practice. At the exhibition opening, Veronika and José gave a lecture about their adventures in type design and activities of their foundry. All visitors (from Poland, Czech Republic, Germany, Austria and Argentina) continued to talk about typography and related topics during party until late night hours.

See more pictures from the workshop and exhibition on flickr.
Source: www.zamekcieszyn.pl, www.type-together.com