Workshop with Lucas de Groot

1 April 2011

I spent the last week on a type design workshop led by Lucas de Groot, and it was quite a week! The workshop was organized by the Sign and Typography Studio and took place on 21–25 March, at the University of Arts in Poznań. The main subject was the tool-based approach to typeface design. During just four days each of us was supposed to create a basic character set for a new typeface. I must admit, that I was a bit sceptic about it (due to a large number of participants) but in the end everyone finished in time. Lucas proved to be a very good teacher and had a very well planned workflow. Everything was clear and went smoothly.

The workshop was ended up by an exhibition of all typefaces designed during those few days. It was impressive to see the amount of work we managed to do in such a short time. However, I do not think such work pace could be maintained for long. All five days were really exhausting. My mind was overwhelmed by the amount of new information and I am sure I did not properly process more than a half of it. Therefore I was really impressed by Lucas’s ability to stay focused and clear-headed for the entire duration of the workshop. I would like to know how he does it!